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Ontario Rubber Decking (Poured-in-Place) is a seamless pool and patio rubber surface consisting of UV–stable E.P.D.M. rubber granules combined together with a highly sophisticated polyurethane binder. Designed and installed exclusively by our Company.
Rubber Surfaces for Pool Patios Rubber Surfaces for Pool Patios
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  • Impact Absorbing - Rub R Dek is soft on feet and reduces injuries from accidental falls.
  • Crack Resistant - Rub R Dek is a resilient surface which has the ability to expand 1/4" over subsurfaces.
  • Skid Resistant - Rub R Dek is safe when wet, reducing the chance of slipping and injury.
  • Porous - Rub R Dek allows water to pass through it.
  • Covers Surface Problems - Rub R Dek is applied onto existing cracks, chips and uneven surfaces creating a smooth finished surface.

  • Maintenance Free - Rub R Dek cleans easily by hosing off with soap and water.
  • Handicap Accessible
  • 12 Decorative Colours - Rub R Dek offers a variety of customized colours and logos.
  • Installation - Rub R Dek installs over most substrate materials such as new and old concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and tile.
  • Warranty - Rub R Dek is guaranteed against defective material and workmanship for full 10 years.
  • Competitive price match guarantee
RUB R DEK is the name for Ontario Rubber Decking’s proprietary mix of EDPM rubber granulars combined with a sophisticated polyurethane binder. Names of similar rubber surface products in the industry include rubber safety surface, rubber flooring, poured-in-place rubber surface, crumb rubber surface, granulated rubber surface, recycled rubber surface, rubber coating, pool deck surface, rubber pool decking, rubber pool surface...
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